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We are committed to providing high-quality epoxy for both residential and commercial epoxy jobs. Our goal is to be the best contractor in the Kent area. 

We provide a comprehensive set of epoxy installation services. These high-quality, budget-friendly flooring options are both aesthetically beautiful and durable. What's more, they can be used in a vast number of unique settings, making them one of the go-to flooring solutions in Kent. Get a free price and consultation with one of our professionals by calling us now!

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    What Are Epoxy Floors?

    It's a resin and hardener mixture applied to a concrete surface. The mixture adheres to the concrete's surface to generate an ultra-resilient cover. Epoxy, unlike ordinary concrete, is stain and liquid resistant. It also resists cracking and peeling under extreme pressure and vigorous foot activity. As a result, it is one of the most popular commercial and industrial flooring solutions. It can also be altered to create a one-of-a-kind interior design. Our company is one of Kent's leading flooring providers.

    What are The Benefits?

    Concrete epoxy coatings are used to extend the life of concrete floors. However, moisture, mold, discoloration, and fractures can cause the cement to deteriorate. These coatings are nonporous, ensuring that irritating chemicals, such as gasoline, motor oils, and bleach do not leach their way into the cement they protect. They're also resistant to the effects of heat and fire.

    What's more, epoxy paint is a favorite floor surface because of its biological safety features. For example, it is slip-resistant. In complex or dangerous workplaces, it can also be utilized to set safe, approachable limits. Beyond that, it is incredibly reflective, dramatically improving the visibility within a room.

    Furthermore, epoxy coating is exceptionally long-lasting. A professionally installed coating can last up to ten years. What's more, this is easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance. In the Kent area, it is a popular flooring option.

    It is preferred because of its excellent durability and its appealing visual attributes. It can be put on pre-existing concrete floors to provide a highly impervious surface for a low cost. The result is a seamless, shiny, and attractive floor that will last you several years. Floor paint works well in harsh industrial settings, garages, basements, and much more. It's a standard option for both businesses and homeowners because of its low-maintenance qualities and resistance to external forces.

    We can add a mixture of pigments, aggregates, and fibers to create a custom look. Not only do these decorative finishes look great, but they often add value to a home or business. Adding decorative or colorful qualities doesn't alter its durability either. Therefore, many business owners see it as an obvious answer to creating a safe, reliable, and attractive business setting. One of the primary uses is for epoxy garage floors coating.

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    Is It Durable As Other Concrete Floorings?

    When used correctly and properly maintained, it can survive for several years. It can endure anywhere from 5 to 10 years in high-traffic commercial situations. Epoxy coatings in less demanding residential contexts, on the other hand, can last up to 30 years before needing to be redone. UV-resistant urethane layers can be added to this flooring to make it more durable. The quality and application have a considerable impact on life expectancy. It can resist the weight of moving automobiles while also repelling chemicals and substances that would otherwise ruin garage flooring.

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    It's vital to remember that various factors influence how long your coating will last. For one thing, it will begin to deteriorate sooner if it is scratched or chipped. In addition, epoxy coatings subjected to large amounts of traffic, high heat, pressure, or vibrations will also disintegrate faster naturally. Finally, while do-it-yourself applications may appear to save money, a professional solution is significantly superior.

    It is one of the most long-lasting flooring options available. Whether you're utilizing it in a commercial setting or a challenging workplace, it's built to handle extreme pressure, traffic, and heat without breaking down. 

    For starters, it can resist the steady pressure of both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Epoxy coatings don't crack under pressure, whether you're driving a forklift, parking a car, or expecting a crowd of people. Even the heaviest loads, such as heavy machines, airplanes, and buses, are pushed back by concrete floor paint. An additional urethane layer helps avoid premature abrasions and cracks if you're searching for a more resilient floor. 

    Some concrete paint finishes aren't made to withstand the rigors of an industrial setting. But, if you manage a workplace with a high risk of dents or scratches, you'll be relieved to learn that this solution is up to the task. The majority of the time, it's abrasion resistance. A fresh coat of epoxy paint can restore a floor when problems emerge.

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