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Here at AJ Concrete Flooring Kent, we take pride in our craftsmanship and skills to bring out the best concrete floorings designs and projects for our clients. Durability, aesthetics, and quality are our top priorities in any project we do.

With our leading team of experts and contractors, your dream concrete floorings are reachable. We can customize any design, color, or material tailored specifically for you. With ten years of various experiences backing us, we offer a wide variety of services, including installation, configuration, maintenance, and consultation. Our knowledge makes us a full-stacked Concrete flooring service provider that caters to both industry-leading businesses and residential homeowners. Concrete flooring Kent aims to be your one-stop-shop for all your concrete flooring needs.

If you are in need of a reliable concrete flooring company, then you've come to the right place. We'll harness our decade-long experience in providing you top-notch service and help you achieve that dream concrete flooring you've always wanted!

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    About AJ's Concrete flooring guys

    With ten years in the business, Concrete Flooring Kent is one of the leading concrete floor contractors with hands-on experience in various projects and design. Our company can take care of all your concrete flooring needs for both industrial and residential locations.

    Concrete flooring kent is a family-owned business that started its roots servicing mainly in concrete floor installations. As the years went by, our company and team grew and ventured into different services like concrete floor finishings maintenance and designing stamped concrete. Our team is trained and immersed in real-world problems to achieve the best possible outcome when catering to our customer's concrete flooring needs.

    Today, we pride ourselves on our reputation as the go-to Concrete Flooring Service Providers in Kent, Offering a full-stack service of everything concrete floors.

    From Polished concretes, stained concretes, and even stamped concrete, we are here to help you achieve your dream concrete floor finishes. Welcome to a whole new world of concrete floors!

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    concrete flooring services- King county

    Got a new building facility? Or maybe your office needs to undergo an overhaul? Whatever problems you might find yourself facing with your concrete floors, our company is here to help.

    With over a decade of experience in the concrete floor industry, you can be assured that you'll get high-quality and professional services from our team. Whether it's a big or small project, our team always goes forth with their best and customer satisfaction in mind.

    Having your concrete floorings professionally done is of the utmost importance. For both safety and sustainability. Our highly-trained experts have gone through rigorous training which has allowed them to be one of the most prominent concrete floor craftsmen in Salem.

    You Can check some of the services we offer below

    We offer various services such as:

    Do contact us if you have any questions or inquiries about our services.

    Polished Concrete Floors

    With recent advancements in concrete floor finishes, even a worn- old floor can be transformed and revived through different techniques. One of them is our high-quality polished concrete services.

    We can polish and grind your old concrete floors to turn them into a shiny marble-like finish that will surely amaze visitors. Our process involves a thorough inspection and evaluation of your floor to find the right fit for your business or residential needs.

    What makes polished concrete floors a sought-after finishing in every industry is their inherent toughness and durability. It's a tight seal cover that resists everyday wear and tears like foot traffic and chemicals standard in most factories and business places. It's also resistant to paints, oils, and other types of liquid, making it the perfect finish for many business establishments.

    Aside from its durability, polished concrete is also known for its ease of maintenance. Unlike more expensive materials like marble or ceramic, polished concrete floors only need occasional cleaning and wiping to maintain top condition. This saves thousands of dollars every year in labor and cleaning material costs, making polished concrete floors one of the most business-friendly floor finishings.

    What are you waiting for? If you need high-quality polished concrete services, our company is always here to help!

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    Durable & sleek design

    Stained Concrete Floorings

    One of the most proven concrete finishes for commercial establishments is stained concrete. They're well known for their durability and flexibility when it comes to aesthetics. But with this beautification trait of stained concrete has slowly gained popularity for residential homeowners as well.

    Stained Concrete floors are not only durable but also resistant to most types of irritants. In addition, they're chemical-resistant, sun proof, and waterproof. In combination with its low maintenance feature, this trait makes it one of the leading choices in business offices and industrial factories.

    Stains are created either through acid-based methods or water-based ones. These two form the basic foundation of how to do stained concrete finishes. The variety in designs, however, depends on the skills and craftsmanship of the contractor.

    Here at Concrete flooring Kent, our team is masters in the art of designing concrete floors via stains. Backing us is a multitude of successful projects, each with its own customized patterns and designs specifically tailored for each client. In addition, our team ensures that customer satisfaction is achieved through a meticulous process that involves you, our customers, in brainstorming what type of stain and design would work best for your location.

    Stained concrete is one of the most affordable concrete flooring solutions out there. You can trust Concrete flooring Kent to handle any projects you might have in mind for your concrete floor. Call us now, and we'll happily work hand in hand with you in achieving your dream stained concrete floor.

    Stamped Concrete Floorings

    Stamped concrete has made a solid impression in both industrial and residential locations over the past years. Many excellent factors contributed to the rising popularity of this beautiful concrete flooring technique.

    Unlike the mainstay of concrete floorings like polishing and stained ones. The most significant attribute that makes stamped concrete flooring stand out is its flexibility in its design. Stamped concretes allows clients to custom tailor the aesthetics of their concrete floors to match their businesses or homes. One of the most popular methods of utilizing this technique is to mimic other expensive materials like marble and granite. As a result, you get both the looks of marble and the simplicity of maintaining concrete floors. It's a definite win-win situation.

    Although not as durable as other concrete finishes like polished and stained ones, stamped concrete still has the primary benefits of a concrete floor. They're water-resistant, UV-resistant, and significantly more sturdy than other popular finishes like wood and marble.

    Here at Concrete Flooring Kent, we are masters of the craft. We have accumulated years of experience through many stamped concrete projects that leave our customers wanting more. We have provided custom designs for all types of clients including, schools, offices, factories, and other industry-leading businesses. We also have experienced in providing beautifully crafted stamped concrete for residential homes that expertly match the persona of our clients.

    What are you waiting for? Let's transform your concrete floorings into something more significant than the norm!

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    Epoxy Floors - kENT & BEYOND

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    commercial & residential flooring

    Are you in need of a long-lasting solution to protect your industrial floors from chemicals and everyday wear and tear? Another great benefit is the excellent traction feature of epoxy floors which gives the benefit of excellent grip. This makes it the ultimate concrete floor finishing for busy workplaces such as industrial factories and warehouses.

    Aside from their unmatched durability, epoxy floors are also clean and professional to look at. They can transform rugged, dull industrial floors into a revitalized one that exudes confidence that the business is booming. Properly licensed and trained professionals like those with Concrete Flooring Kent can make a drastic change to your floors, bringing about a new era of professionalism to your business. We utilized different types of non-slip epoxy and resin materials to give you a plethora of colors and designs to choose from when installing your brand new epoxy floors.

    Industry-grade epoxy coatings are also well known for their excellent grip and excellent chemical resistance properties. As a result, they are able to withstand day-to-day activities in both industrial and residential locations. On top of all these benefits, epoxy floors are one of the least maintenance-dependent finishes. All you need is occasional wiping and cleaning, and these babies are good to go!

    Let us revolutionize your business or home environment. Let's transform your floors today!

    Why choose our CONCRETE pros?

    To a certain extent, DIY concrete floor finishes are doable, but some limits may hinder your floors' durability, aesthetics, and longevity if not done correctly. This is the reason why our company has worked so hard over the years to earn the trust that our clients put in place to this day. Here are some of the reasons why our clients have continued to make us the go-to concrete flooring contractors in Kent.

    Unique Work Ethics

    Every team member is passionate and loves their craft. This, in turn, shows the work done. Our team always puts the customer first and involves them in designing, installing, and finishing their concrete floors.


    Polishing, repairs, installation, all of these are done fast that ensure minimal to no interruption is done to your day to day activities


    Top-notch skills matched with high-quality equipment makes our team of the foremost craftsmen when talking about concrete floors


    Our company emphasizes work efficiency as well as the safeness of those involved in the project. This includes our client's private properties like furniture and walls. Years of proper safety training and protection techniques make our contractors one the best in the business.

    Michael S.

    "A wonderful service provided by a friendly team! After my date booking, Robert immediately came over the following day and did a thorough inspection and ocular visit of our warehouse. We requested it to be redesigned, and we're not exactly sure what finishing to go for. Robert managed to answer all of my questions and showed his willingness to help me understand their recommendation and what it is the perfect fit for our business. During the project, I loved how their team is so organized and is also clean when doing their job. It's really different compared to previous contractors I've worked with before. A great company with a great staff. You won't be disappointed.

    Shirley A.

    "A massive shout out to Concrete Flooring Kent for a job well done! From the initial phone call and meeting with one of their inspectors, I Immediately received a lot of valuable knowledge and great recommendations for my garage floors. The team of professionals that did my project was both courteous and always on time. I love how they carefully rearranged my furniture and things to avoid any damage while the project is ongoing. They did not need to do it themselves, but they proactively offered—a 5 out of 5 customer satisfaction. I will definitely recommend you guys to my family and friends. Thanks for your hard work!

    Steven K.

    "Concrete Flooring Kent did a marvelous job on our new polished concrete floor for our offices. The finished floors are shiny and durable; you can immediately tell the quality of the project just by looking at the floors. In addition, they did a fantastic job of properly scheduling their job to minimize intrusions on our day-to-day activities. We were already prepared to hold off business for a day or two, but they proactively adjusted their times to match our business schedule. Truly a company that focuses on customer satisfaction. Highly recommended!

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    Concrete flooring coatings are just as important as other parts of your businesses or homes. That's why we always recommend our clients to explain it to their friends and family so they can have additional protection on their floors. Our company is not just in the business of concrete floors, and we're also in the business of helping others. That's why if you or someone you know needs immediate concrete floorings solutions, you can contact us through our phone numbers or email. Our eager customer support staff are always on standby 24/7 and are more than happy to receive any questions or inquiries you might have about concrete floor solutions. So call us today, and we'll help transform your concrete floors to the next level!

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